Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

Unicompartmental Knee ReplacementUnicompartmental Knee Replacement

There are 3 compartments within the knee and arthritis may be limited to one of these compartments. In such instances patients may be appropriate for unicompartmental knee replacement surgery. The advantages of this form of knee replacement surgery are it is more minimally invasive and it has been shown that patients can recover faster from this procedure with a better range of movement and reduced blood loss. However not all patients are suitable for this form of surgery and the knee arthritis may start to effect the other compartments with time. The long term results following partial knee replacement are good and equivalent with those for total knee replacement surgery. Mr Patel performs both partial and total knee replacement surgery and is thus in a position to perform an operation suitable for an individual’s needs.

Risks of a unicompartmental knee replacement include; infection, bleeding, pain stiffness, nerve and vessel damage, thrombosis, fracture, loosening, revision surgery and anaesthetic risks. The risks of these complications are very low and you will not be offered a unicompartmental knee replacement unless the benefits outweigh the risks.

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